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We take every project serious, no matter if its smaller or bigger. We have developed tons of games, applications and widgets. As the world is moving fast with technology we try to update our self and use the very latest technology in your projects.

Applications Development

For various reasons human beings invent a lot of applications. Application software are the one of the most important innovation of today’s world of communication. To create attractive application software Flash application came into picture. Different types of eye catching executable Programme can be generated using flash applications.

Saachi Technologies's application development section deals with developing attractive & useful applications. We also create customized flash applications that cater to needs of specific segments.

We focus especailly on Flash and Flex based web application. We have been working in Flash from the past 8 years. we also have 5+ years of experience on Flex IDE. We have experience on Flash Action Script 1.0 to 3.0. We had done several project on Video Player, Flash Interactive Games, Database driven Flash Web Applications. Since we have sound knowledge of the backend programming, it gives us more benefits while making database driven web applications in Flash. Our clients dont need to worry about the backend programming for Flash widgets. Please go to our portfolio to see our latest work on it.

Mobile Development

Mobile is the most popular device among the other electonic device available in the market.

Saachi Technologies's mobile development section develop Adobe AIR based iOS and Android application and games. We also develop games according to demand of our clients. The games developed by us have higher ratings on the entertainment scale at most competitive prices.

Games Development

Entertainment has remained most important revitalizing factor in human life since ancient times Nowadays it has become more relevant in today’s hectic and busy life to create some moments of leisure and divert minds to a hassle free environment. To change the environment man has invented various types of games and sports. In today’s techno savvy world it has resulted in evolution of internet games, which are quite popular among the users.

Saachi Technologies's game development section creates flash developed innovative games that keep its users on the edge of their seat. We also develop games according to demand of our clients. The games developed by us have higher ratings on the entertainment scale at most competitive prices.

Arcade games are very popular among the game adductors . We create addictive arcade games which keep you on the edge of your seat.

We create puzzle games to baffle your minds mixed with adventure and entertainment. We also create customized puzzle games according to complexity level and type required by our customers.

Board games are made to sharpen your logic skills with lots of entertainment & fun. The board games developed by us quench the thirst of human mind which always like its application with amusement.

Server Side Language and Databases

We have 4+ years of experiance on PHP, ASP, .Net, MySQL and MSSQL.

MySQL database technology and PHP server side script provides developers "the" combination to develop database driven websites. PHP is a complete server scripting language which provides interfaces to develop various multimedia contents such as images, pdf, shockwave files etc. After all PHP was designed for scripting for the web.

We are not only expert in integration of MySQL database with PHP but also develop any customized applications in PHP as required by our industrial clients. As an exapmle we recently worked on image editor application in Flash integrated with PHP and MySQL for osDate. All the image processing functions were developed using GD API in PHP. Please go to our portfolio to see our latest work on it.

Our team

Sameer Jain
Director and Development consultant

Sameer working in the field of Flash since 2003. After working for many MNC's he started fulltime freelancing in 2005. He is well versed in latest technologies around the web and mobile.

Priyanka Jain
Director and Design consultant

Priyanka have specialisation in multimedia from a well known institute of India.

Salil Jain
Tech consultant

Salil is our oncall tech guru. Whenever we need to know the best technology for a project, he always provide us right direction with his exceptional knowledge.

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